What Lens Are You Looking Through?


We are all guilty.  How many times have we said the following:
“I can’t believe they said that!” or “I can’t believe this is happening to me!” or how about this ” “It’s not my fault I had a bad past!”

Sometimes it’s not what “they said” but rather what we heard.  It’s not what happens to us but rather how we respond to it.  “It” isn’t always the issue it’s what we do with it.

Our vision of what happens, what has happened or even what will happen depends entirely of what lens we choose to see through.  Yes, I said we “choose”.

I was one of those people who “couldn’t help it” because of the way I was brought up by an angry father.  I had a bad mindset or made bad decisions because of a bad past.  I took everything everyone said personally and there was no other lens for me to see through, that’s just the way life was.

After getting introduced to self development and leadership development and associating with people who chose to make no excuses to improve daily; I began to see that my negative attitude and mindset as well as how I viewed the world, people and circumstance was my choice.  We may not be in control to change the past or a circumstance but we are in control of our attitude towards it.

It’s all mindset. Sadly few realize it because we are being programmed to think we are “victims” or it’s always “someones elses fault” and constantly having negative pumped into our conscious and subconscious minds.

How can you change your mindset?  Here are a couple tips:

  1.  Unplug the TV:  Oh yes I did! I said it! UNPLUG. Even if the shows you watch are “funny” or “entertaining” most of the time the TV is sending a negative message: if not through the show itself, through the news, commercials or previews of some new shoot em up, drug ’em up, violence them up movie
  2.  Find some good books to read:  Books on motivation, self development or success.  Stretch the mind and expand your dream!
  3.  Change what you listen too:  Much of the “music” today again usually has a negative message or undertone.  Find some positive music or  to switch it up!
  4. Stop associating with negative people: Many people can light up the room.  Some when they enter and others when they leave! 🙂

Make a complete media shift and associate with positive people and you will completely transform your view of things, your mindset and your life.



Colin Sexton

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