Time Management and Production Tips!

Busy busy busy! everyone is BUSY! Are they productive though?

As I started my journey with leadership, consulting and social media marketing, I found my time was instantly eaten up every day but with few accomplishments. I quickley realized why: poor time management.

This last year I have been working very intentionally on managing my time to make that shift from simply “busy” to productive.

Here are a few quick tips to help get on track!

  1. Make a list:  Not just in your head but write it down. ( Especially is you are of the Sanguine personality or “labeled” ADHD)
  2. Discipline:  Discipline! Discipline! Discipline! Set a mental alarm for yourself when NOT managing your time. It works. Trust me! 🙂
  3. Filter ALL distractions:  Other hobbies, uminportant things or social media (excpet my posts 🙂 )
  4. Block sections of time:   Blocking sections of time to work on things with the mindset of “This is what I’m working on. Period. Nothing else is an option!” will help you make great strides in production.
  5. Write down (again on a list) your goals:  “Seeing” what you want to accomplish is more effective than simply “thinking” about what you want to accomplish.
  6. Tell someone your plan and goals:  Accountability is important in everything from losing weights, staying on track financially and also in time management. If you are working with a team on a project telling everyone on the team will not only help you but also inspire them to raise their bar as well.
    Iron sharpens iron.
  7. PDCA:  Plan.  Do.  Check.  Adjust.  Check from time to time your actual production and how your time management plan is working. If your falling off track or not hitting your goals, that is where we “adjust” to improve.

Hope this can help you get even just a little more production from your efforts and time!


Colin Sexton

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