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Goals or resolutions: leading your life

We are basically past the first quarter of the year. What were our resolutions January 1st? What were our goals?

One reason I prefer the term or concept of goals over resolutions is the mere fact that many, if failed on their resolutions, tend to leave it as failed for the rest of the year. Those who have set goals and fail, tend to consider it only a temporary set back and get back on track to their goal.

So here we are at the end of March? Regardless of what our resolutions or goals were, some have stayed the course and accomplished theirs. Congratulations if that’s you! However, having worked with hundreds of people over the last few years, I feel confident that it’s safe to say many have fallen short which is OK! With just a little PDCA or maybe guidance and accountability we can work together to get back on track.

Over the next three months I will be writing a bit more on developing the mindset to win, principle centered habits to apply and specific topics towards which to apply these principles to help you get where you want to go whether it be fitness, finances, family or in business etc.

I will also be more than happy to correspond personally with people who want or need that extra accountability, coaching or mentoring to give them that “kick off the couch” I myself needed!

Be of good cheer! Be encouraged! It’s not to late! You can still get where you want to go in 2020! The questions is… where is that? Write it down. 🙂



Freedom & Leadership Entrepreneurs To The Resuce!


JOB SECURITY:                             image

What is it?  Does it still exist?  I was brought up in a generation where we were taught five simple steps to a successful life:

• Go to school & get good grades
• Go to college
• Get a good job with benefits
• Work hard and get recognized & rewarded for it
• Retire at 55

Does this still work? Does anyone know anyone who went to college but doesn’t have a career in their field? Does anyone know anyone who does have a “good job” in their career but their company owns them? Does anyone know ANY one who can actually retire at 55? 60? 65?

Do you see the trend?

There is a huge shift happening in the economy that has tens of thousands of people turning their 401 K (or sometimes Special K’s) to start their own businesses; to become entrepreneurs, or buy into a franchise (PLEASE check the FEES and actual PROFITS of this option) which is GREAT; unless they haven’t done research and are unwilling to learn what they don’t know.

Now, I am all for being an entrepreneur and am one myself, however, statistics show an alarmingly high rate of businesses fail within the first 5 years and few actually generate a profit if they make it. So what is one to do?

PLAN! Make sure this is not a “spontaneous” decision. (Not that that won’t work) but it is much safer if it is something that is a passion of yours as you will truly enjoy it if it is and also if it is something you have been planning or dreaming about for a long time.

Also make sure you have a good business plan, marketing strategy and check how many other like businesses may be in the area; but the number one thing that will give you an edge over the others is INFORMATION. The companies that learn at a faster rate than the others, will be the ones to grow (both personally and business) faster.

LEADERSHIP LLR Sub:                   image

Is one of the most if not THE most important area to learn and grow in. True leadership will teach principles of integrity, character and horror as well as people skills, conflict resolution and over all leadership as opposed to “management”.

We are now in the “Information Age” and leadership information is honestly the difference between where you are and where you want to be, again, both personally and in business.

Now imagine you are able to combine leadership development as an entrepreneur with a systematic (Franchise) growth plan and continued education platform? That, interestingly enough, is exactly what LIFE Leadership has done. The LIFE program offers PROFIT SHARING to individuals who become LIFE members to learn for their own personal growth, to better run their businesses or corporations or if they want to utilize their true entrepreneurial spirit and gifts, build communities of leaders. In either case this is a “win/win” option as you can never “lose” if you are investing in knowledge.


To quote:
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

I encourage all of you who have started their own business or are thinking about it, to look into this program/opportunity whether it is to better run your business or to make LIFE your business. College may teach us to succeed at a job, but the LIFE business seems to be focused and determined to help people succeed in LIFE. What good is a “good job” if your marriage is falling apart? What good is $200,000 a year if you don’t know how to manage it? If you spend it your still broke!

I encourage you all to chase your DREAMS, but also encourage you all to plan them, and if possible, learn from someone who actually has the results you want or a COMMUNITY of them!

God Bless,

Colin Sexton