Six Ways To Get People To Like You

I wasn’t a reader; at all. One I started working with business owners I relaized real quick I was not the smartest person in the room… ever. I wanted to have the wisdom those people had and I would have to get it if I ever wanted more clients.

How To Win Friends

One of the most impactful (and convicting) books I’ve ever read is How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. It was convicting because I always had a knack for drawing people too me; but somehow I had the uncanny ability to repel them just as fast. This book helped me understand exactly why.

Here are six simple principles that helped me win and keep friends:

  1. Learn to be genuniely interested in others. Key word here is genuinely.
  2. SMILE! This took work for me. I literally would record myself giving a talk and critique myself and it helps.
  3. Remember their name. Eveeryone likes to hear their name and when we remember it it makes them feel important.
  4. Be a good listener. Listen intently, not simply to reply but rather to truly understand. (Ref Dr. Stephen R. Covey)
  5. Show interest in others’ interests. Learn their hobbies etc. and talk about that.
  6. Make them feel important. Remembering their name helps this but also ediying them or paying them a compliemnt etc.

I hope this can help you all out in your networking and or sales ventures.



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