Not All Is As Seems

We all have trials. “Life” happens to us all however not every “bad” is meant to be or stay bad.  

We’ve heard many takes on this all: “It’s not how far we fall but rather how high we bounce back up.” “It’s not what happens to us but how we respond.” or “It’s not about what happens to us but rather what we do with what happens to us.” I could go on and on but mindset and response-ability is key.

To quote a once great philosopher: “Not all is as seems.” Mr. Miyagi

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying everything bad that happens is good but rather if we chose to have or develop the mindset and or faith, we can see the whole puzzle as opposed to focus on the piece we are working with and see that all things work together for good.

Not all storms are meant to disrupt your life. Some are meant to clear your path.

Keep fighting. Never give up. Never lose hope. Never lose faith!

Be blessed,


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