Goals or resolutions: leading your life

We are basically past the first quarter of the year. What were our resolutions January 1st? What were our goals?

One reason I prefer the term or concept of goals over resolutions is the mere fact that many, if failed on their resolutions, tend to leave it as failed for the rest of the year. Those who have set goals and fail, tend to consider it only a temporary set back and get back on track to their goal.

So here we are at the end of March? Regardless of what our resolutions or goals were, some have stayed the course and accomplished theirs. Congratulations if that’s you! However, having worked with hundreds of people over the last few years, I feel confident that it’s safe to say many have fallen short which is OK! With just a little PDCA or maybe guidance and accountability we can work together to get back on track.

Over the next three months I will be writing a bit more on developing the mindset to win, principle centered habits to apply and specific topics towards which to apply these principles to help you get where you want to go whether it be fitness, finances, family or in business etc.

I will also be more than happy to correspond personally with people who want or need that extra accountability, coaching or mentoring to give them that “kick off the couch” I myself needed!

Be of good cheer! Be encouraged! It’s not to late! You can still get where you want to go in 2020! The questions is… where is that? Write it down. 🙂



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