Association Is Everything

Association is everything:

We are the average of the five people we surround ourselves with.

I remember when I started out as an entrepreneur, I tried being “the business person” while clinging to my same association, habits and mindset of the “regular me”. They say a rising tide raises all ships and my association tide wasn’t rising. My VISION tide, however, was.

There came a point where I realized I needed to change my association. Naturally I wanted my friends to join my journey of rising above the status quo, to leave good enough behind to chase excellence but sadly, many were content with mediocrity and complacency.

I knew I needed to chance my association, to change those five people I was going to be the average of, to get around others that would inspire me to raise my own bar and succeed to finally get the results I truly wanted in life.

Since gradually doing just that, my results and success have definitely followed even to the point of attracting success minded people just being out and about.

The road to success isn’t always freshly paved blacktop. There are often many decisions we must make and one of my recommendations is, if you truly want to accomplish things that you or your current association isn’t, is this: “If you can’t change your friends, it’s time to change your friends.”


Colin Sexton

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