Personal, Professional & Financial, Success Is Not As Hard As You Think…

Just six years ago I was broke, unemployed, not getting unemployment, one day away from being homeless every month as was never sure how or where the rent would come from.

I was down and out but stopped playing the victim card with a victim mentality, took responsibility, plugged into different information, earned the respect and time of a couple who were very successful in business (and life in general) and was able to mentor with them (and still do).

Since then I’ve paid off $20,000+ in #debt in the last year and a half, started/built a couple businesses, have more in savings than I’ve EVER had, have traveled over 20 states and several countries and have been blessed enough to have taken people with me. On this journey I have learned you can succeed with the right mindset, will to win and without borrowing money.

I would like to break down what principles and actions have got me where i am today which is just the start of things!

1. Get out of debt: Start saving immediately! Even if just five or ten dollars a mont AS your paying off credit cards.  It’s not the amount your saving but rather developing the habit of saving so when you do get debt free you are still saving and not blowing all your money because you’re “out of debt now”.

2. Stay out of debt:  Continue living the principles that got you our of debt.

3. Invest in yourself: Warren Buffett doesn’t credit his college degrees for his success but rather his Dale Carnegie certification. He tells us self development, financial development and leadership development is what will help us to excell in life and business.

4. Associate: with people who have results you want and of GREATER success than you:  The old saying goes: “If you have around dogs, you’ll get fleas.  The same rings true if you associate with people of success minds and more successful than us.

5. Leverage systems:  Archimedes said; “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world.” It’s true today.  The most successful businesses in the world leverage systems of technology, leadership and community. Coincidentally this is the exact principles and people I have benefited from and leveraged to get where I am and will continue to do so; however you have to also do the work!

6. Get a mentor: “A crooked line doesn’t know it’s crooked until it’s placed next to a straight line.” As is started out this post, a mentor is key. They have been where we are going so they know the way better and faster. I am blessed to be working with someone who speaks all over the world and does business and leadership development talks for multi billion dollar corporations.

7. Serve and teach others what you’ve learned:  It’s been said: “You haven’t truly learned until you have taught someone.” I believe this wholeheartedly.

When you plug into proven systems and successful people who have results, coupled with a sincere commitment to learn what we don’t know, grow where we didn’t want to grow… we will go where others wont go… Where do you want to go?

I am committed to helping you get there but it’s up to you to determine just where that is. 🙂


Colin Sexton

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