Seven Secrets For Success

Seven Secrets To Success.

On our journey to success, regardless of what area it is, we will run into obstacles and set backs.  This can either stop us or inspire us to run harder based on our mindset.

One thing that will help make those bump smooth is knowing why we are going against the grain of mediocrity.

1. Know your WHY! Nothing happens but first a dream…

2. Believe it! Visualize it! Meditate/PRAY on it! As a man thinketh so is he…

3. Invest in & grow your SELF personally, financially and in business. Warren Buffett’s advice:
A) Get out of debt.
B) STAY out of debt.
C) Invest In yourself.

4. Lead by example don’t manage by position. Push self and love others not push others and love self.

5. Do the WORK.
“Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas Edison

6. Don’t listen to the critics! Let your results prove them wrong! Listen only those who HAVE THE RESULTS you want. Find a mentor.

7. SERVE OTHERS!!! As you learn; teach. As you succeed; teach & help others succeed. When you “make it” Inspire others to learn, teach and serve others!


What Is Your Dream?!

Whether we wait until after we get the results we want or we are getting the results on the journey, I encourage people to share what they learn to help bless others.

This world is a dog eat dog and often selfish with true success becoming increasingly difficult.  If we have a “servant leadership” heart to help others learn how to get ahead more in life to help them, their families and communities we can’t but help but truly be the difference we ant to see,