You Can’t Take Your Same Old Self Into A Bright New Future!


So 2016 is three quarters done! Have you succeeded or have you, for lack of better terms “failed”? If you have failed fear not! You haven’t failed unless you’ve quit! Those shortcoming are in the past!

Even the dog in the mirror knows what she sees “behind her” in the mirror is just that, behind her…

The failures of 2016 are smaller than they appear! and…. In the past. If we CHOSE we can USE the failures to learn from and build upon much like Michael Jordan used HIS failures (getting kicked off of the team, missing game winning shots etc.) To succeed.

This next year you have another chance! Every day you have another chance!! Spend less time looking in the rear view mirror and where you have been, and MORE time looking forward at the road ahead of you and where you are going. As great as Michael Jordan was, he always learned from people around him and still had a coach…. imagine if all of us were willing to learn from people around us and were willing to take council/mentor from a coach? What could we accomplish? What do you want to accomplish? Will what you are doing now allow you too? If not…you need different information, different association to truly get the results you want…..and we are. And we will!! Its what we do!

What are your goals for the next four months?

Be Blessed!

Colin Sexton

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