What Are We Attracting?


OpportuniyI see many people post ON PUPOSE their problems and or complain about things as opposed to NOT posting them or making the decision to NOT complain about them. In doing this we attract MORE attention to them. That cycle of negativity will then manifest itself even MORE until the negative will eventually have POWER over us.

Let’s take that same philosophy and apply it to NOT complaining, NOT posting problems or negative and NOT drawing attention to the negative but rather to the #POSITIVE! That too will manifest itself, attract more and WE will have power of our results in life and our FUTURE. We must BE the difference we want to see so let us ask ourselves… Do we want to BE the negative we post NEXT YEAR TOO? Or do we want to be BEYOND that and be the person we KNOW we can become?

Dwell not on the negative but rather on what is lovely, of good repute, anything worthy of praise…. So a man or woman think… So are they….

We must remember we can not always control our circumstances but we CAN control our attitude and response to them.

We can not change our past but we CAN change our future.

Start a ripple of reframed thinking for a POSITIVE MINDSET to help heal the hurting and those who feel defeated.

Be blessed,