Freedom, Entrepreneurship & The Declaration of independence

The Declaration of Independence was signed by our founding fathers in July of 1776, breathing into the heart of America and its citizens, the right to have rights and the freedom that came with them.

The principles of truth within the declaration helped lay the solid foundation that this country and business within it was built on.  With these rights, the people of America had adopted a way of living;  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  One of these “happiness’s” was the option and accomplishment of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Though this country has changed immensely (sadly to the level that would have our founding fathers turning over in their grave) the principles of entrepreneurship are very much the same as they were then.

Much in the way the Declaration allowed us to succeed as a nation, entrepreneurship and applying the principles of succeeding in it, can help us succeed not only in business but in life in general.

We have heard the phrase “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness”  Lets break that down a bit.


Today’s world is much different than is was then.  Then most everyone was an entrepreneur of some sort and less were employees.  Much of the time the employees had a decent amount of time for with their family and for their purpose.  Though it involved hard work, being an entrepreneur, one had more control of their time and in many ways the economy in general.

As an entrepreneur we have more power to create our future as opposed to have it create us.  Many of us realize whether we simply want to get by or have an elegant lifestyle we will have to work hard so why not work toward our dreams as opposed to our bosses?


In the same way the founding fathers broke free from the tyrannical government of Britain, that is how many people feel about declaring their independence from the security and comfort of their job seeking their passion and chasing their dreams through entrepreneurship.

That very choice to literally create our future, however grand we want it, is also dependent on how much and to what level we are willing to invest in ourselves.  The greater the lifestyle, cause or legacy we want to leave will be available to us by simply educating ourselves to that level.  An “educated people” are less likely to be controlled by others (whether as an entrepreneur or a nation) and as we chase our dreams, success and excellence as an entrepreneur we will be learning business, leadership, finances, success principles, taxes and so much more that will essentially equip us with the best investment we could ever make…. knowledge and in ourselves.


Our freedom in this country is very important especially for us entrepreneurs as without it, we could not exist.  take a look at the countries that don’t have freedom; they also have very little choice.

Entrepreneurs often times have the freedom or liberty to design their days (or evenings) the way they want.  Time management and discipline will definitely be skills we will want to develop and master or this liberty can actually work against us. 🙂


Now that we are on the path to the lifestyle we want and the liberty to decide how we want to pave the road, we have to take an honest look at one thing.  What exactly determines happiness?  I know many entrepreneurs who were “successful” but not happy.  I knew many who had the lifestyle but were not happy.

To truly be happy we must learn what we don’t know and grow where we don’t think we need too.


Success in business but failing relationships with a spouse or children with not bring happiness.  Making $200,000 a year and spending $200,000 a year will not bring happiness.  As Benjamin Franklin says:  “An Investment in knowledge always pays the best interest” but in our pursuit of happiness; it is only the application of the right knowledge in the right areas that will truly bring happiness.

My passion is to help encourage and inspire people to find their passion in life, discover their purpose, get them on a path of Self Directed Education to find a way to make that profitable for them so they can truly live the life they’ve always wanted, to live a life of priority not of obligation so they can make a difference in this world (if not already doing so as many indeed already are) and leave a legacy.


Colin Sexton





You Can. End Of Story.



Many people want different results in several areas of their life whether it be personal or in business but frequently aren’t able to get them for one reason or another.

Why is that? Well, quite honestly; you can ask ten different people and get 100 different answers.

Over the years I have been blessed to have the opportunity to mentor, be mentored by and work with literally hundreds of people and business owners and found in addition to information and association (the obvious) another common denominator to lack of success or breakthrough is simply “belief”: Belief it can be done or belief it can be done by them.

Once identifying the reason is indeed lack of belief, the reason WHY there is a lack of belief is the next Goliath to tackle. There are literally thousands of books and audios to help one overcome this hurdle and many people have no idea where to start.

I have three incredible books and three incredible audios I recommend that I have seen time and time again proven results from (hence my recommendation on these specific ones)


  1.  Visualize Your Future – Dan Hawkins
  2. Lens Effect – Orrin Woodward
  3. Insights On Attitude & The Will To Win – Bill Lewis



  1. Magic Of Thinking Big – David J. Schwartz
  2. Psychology Of Winning – Dennis Waitley
  3. How To Win Friends And Influence People – Dale Carnegie

I highly encourage you all to dive into any and even ALL of these books and audios.   When I struggled with belief and low confidence I was also not willing to go out and “meet” people.  I was shy, no self esteem and quite honestly had social anxiety so would limit my surroundings and not step out into my comfort zone to meet new people.

Once I forced myself to change and improve my surroundings and people I normally associated with I realized the simplicity of making breakthroughs in this area then many more to follow.

Do whatever it takes to meet and surround yourself with people who are forward thinking, success minded, uplifting and encouraging.  You will find it is a night and day difference and will propel you to getting you where you want to go in life.


Colin Sexton