The Journey



While “working” on many things I am focused on one.¬†Though many see my posts, hear my words and some know my heart, few truly KNOW me. My life has always been completely screwed up. Or has it? It never went the way “I” wanted it or has it? Many things were beyond my control but much of it consequences from what WAS in my control.

Although not the way “I” wanted it I see how it was orchestrated and more importantly WHY. ALL things, even the trials and chaos, work together for good for those who love God and are called according to his purpose (Romans 8:28)

Before I knew Him, God knitted me together.  Before I hated Him, God laid the the tracks.
Before I followed Him, God was loading the locomotive of my journey with the coal it needed.

Folks the train hasn’t even left the depot yet…

The first 30 years of my life I feel I was still molten steel in the molding process being brought through the fire, intense heat not yet knowing it’s purpose.

The next ten years were the manufacturing process and assembly of the locomotive. The hammering, grinding, refining, polishing and preparation for the journey and bringing it to the tracks so I could finally look and see down the tracks and where they might be leading me.


The last five years, yet trials again, able to see and know the reason for the intense heat. The tender, or coal car, has been being loaded for the journey, the coal fueling the fire creating the steam needed. The fired is stoked, the blower is blowing and the damper is open. The engine is chugging and the whistle is sounding…. This train is getting ready to leave the depot…

Onward down the tracks starting the real journey… The purpose…. The legacy…

Some will watch the train depart and wave good bye… Some will stay home.

Some will board the train, others already have…

Some will be waiting at the next depot… Others will wish they would have been..

Stay tuned….