CHANGE: Between the Decision and the Process


It  is an interesting action, decision and process.  Many want the results of change but will do almost anything to avoid the process it involves to get those results, whether in our personal lives (Relationships, health, finances or entertainment/education habits) or in business.  I completely understand this  as I was one completely opposed to change after I “knew it all” 🙂  What is interesting is although the process may take time, the decision takes only a split second.


There’s no way around it. If we ever want to see any growth in any area of our lives or business we will need to change.   The truth is in order to get where we want to go in life we have to become who we haven’t become yet.

Take a body builder for example:  Before they started lifting and gained muscle mass, they had other habits; what they did with their time, their diet, they mindset etc.  In order to increase strength and size and to stay in the routine of it all, they needed to change every one of those areas.

I have heard it said that the only person who like change is a baby! Why do so few people like change? Funny you should ask!  Because it requires us getting out of comfort zone (which if we are honest with ourselves isn’t truly comfortable but rather just FAMILIAR).  It requires commitment and it requires a certain level of humility to admit maybe we DON’T “know it all”.

In business we should always be growing both personally and in process improvement.  To simply continue to keep doing the same thing because “that’s just the way we’ve always done it” does not work in the information age where so much of our competition is actively learning, growing and in turn changing.  The whole point of process improvement is to CHANGE what doesn’t work or even what might be “good enough” to become “better” or GREAT!

I will leave you with a one of my favorite but convicting quotes.  Take a breath and be ready for it for it will either offend you or INSPIRE you to strive to change to achieve the GREATNESS you KNOW you all have in side you!

“Winners hate losing enough to change and losers hate changing enough to lose.”  Orrin Woodward



Colin Sexton