FEAR NOT! Don’t Let Circumstances Stop You From Your Dreams!

Just a short post today as I reflect on so many recent conversations this last week of people who are entrepreneur minded and want to do something different and get out of corporate America but have fears for various reasons: doubt in their ability, critics, fear of the unknown, failure, the economy etc.Eaglecropquote

I just wanted to take a minute to address each of those situations…

1.  Doubt:  First things I like to tell/remind people is you were created for a reason and purpose.  You have the same “ability” to succeed as anyone else.  The key is to find your passion, discover your purpose and define your strengths and GO!  Surround yourself with other leaders who believe in you and make sure you believe in you!

2.  Critics: Who cares? 🙂 (Sorry… 🙂  Chances are if they criticize you for becoming an entrepreneur or thinking outside of the box, they will always be trapped in the very mental, financial or social matrix you are fighting to get OUT of.

3.  Fear of the Unknown: I never feared the unknown because for some reason, to me, the “known” was very boring.   Now that coupled with improper information and thinking during my youth unfortunately took me down a wrong path BUT I rose from the ashes to get things right and succeed.  NEVER fear the unknown for we know what we know but we DON’T know what we don’t know and it’s what we learn after we know it all that matters…

4. Failure:  This video link explains what I think about FAILURE. 🙂

5.  Economy: There were many businesses and entrepreneurs that prospered and rose to success in a down economy even the great depression.   Inventions, real estate and a true understanding of business and leadership can help anyone make it and stay a float in a down economy.  The KEY is to SAVE money NOW not spend it frivolously as capitol is going to be the difference maker.

To sum it all up:

1.  Write down your dreams.

2.  Have a game plan and set goals.

3.  Learn from people who have succeeded already.

4.  Never listen to critics or let them take the wind from your sales.

5.  Never give up. NEVER!




Colin Sexton


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