“I Am a Self Made….”

We have all heard it; “I’m a self made man/woman!” as if they never learned any success habits, motivation or advice from anyone but themselves. Seems kind of fishy eh?


People are quick to take full credit for their success but has anyone ever heard anyone say “I’m a self made FAILURE!?” Nope! “Why not?” you ask? Funny you should ask! Here is the answer: When it comes to failing, people usually have someone else to blame for that, so there is no reason to take credit for failure as long as it’s someone elses fault. Coincidentally, blaming others is one of the main reasons people CONTINUE to fail because if we don’t take responsibility for failure, we will never look for what we need to change as in our minds, it isn’t us that needs to change but rather the person or circumstance we are blaming.

Failing in itself is not bad by any means, in fact, as long as we can learn from it and fail forward, it can be the best thing to happen to us if we let it.  How many times did you fail trying to walk?  Trying to ride a bike? Catch a baseball or defend a spiked volleyball?  Do you see the power and value in failing?

Embrace it! learn from it! Let it refine and transform you into a success!

Be Blessed,

Colin Sexton


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