Positive Thinking and your future.

Positive thinking: It is a “learned behavior”. Yes, it is a learned behavior Just like the negative attitude so many people have today. We have learned that too, through the negative people around us, negative lyrics in the music we listen too, negative “entertainment” on TV ( murders, disrespect to parents, sex etc. )and the media. The only difference is positive thinking we have to “work on” and learn, ON PURPOSE. Negative thinking happens on accident. Automatically; without us even trying. Similar to having to “plant” AND “maintain” flowers or vegetables in a garden, we have to manually “plant” them AND “maintain” them. But weeds grow automatically. Positive thoughts we also have to “plant” AND “maintain” ( flowers or vegetables) negative thoughts, (weeds) will grow automatically…. 🙂

Don’t get me wrong. We WILL have trials in life. Doo doo happens! When these trials come up though, we have the CHOICE how to react. We can’t always control the circumstances but we CAN control our attitude about them or reaction to them. I like to say it is not the problem that’s always the problem, it’s our reaction to it. I heard Chris Brady say once, it’s what “what happens to us in life” it’s “what we DO with what happens to us!”

This week I challenge everyone to have a POSITIVE attitude! ON PURPOSE! Let’s not just “live” life let’s live L.I.F.E.! Living Intentionally For Excellence!

Be Blessed!

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